a short nba live 2010 game overview for playstation or xbox

This is an NBA Live game review for PlayStation and Xbox. NBA Live is one of EA’s most popular video games. Each year, numerous basketball games are released but NBA Live’s yearly version always seems to be among the front runners. 2010’s edition is no different, with its quality graphics, user input, and animations, this very last version of NBA Live has received extremely positive reviews.
Additional jerseys are featured in the 2010 NBA Live, the franchise’s first. 1990 and 1980 throwback jerseys were added as well as several teams’ alternate jerseys. Even more shoes and uniforms can be unlocked when using special codes. Though it is unsure if every NBA team will receive new jerseys, only two codes have so far been announced but more are likely.
The game’s graphics also received a massive overhaul. It features smoother and quicker animations that allow for a more maximum play. Items like the courts and lights were designed to look more realistic. When enhanced on a plasma screen, the game is grainier but overall looks extremely well.
Other less important things like the crowd and the athletes are more detailed too. Unlike the other game editions, this latest NBA Live console game has a much better background. The audience in the stands were programmed to appear more realistic and believable. Even the athletes in general were give more detailed and personal touches like their arm tattoos, various hairstyles, and other personal accessories. The different stars in this game were designed to be more simply recognized than past editions.
The game’s controls were altered slightly so that it isn’t necessary to control the players one hundred percent of the time. Using this auto mode can result in more turnovers though. For those who want to, it is quite possible to expand the control over the players.
Game play on this year’s NBA Live was made simple enough so that even someone who has never played any basketball video games will still be able to get the hang of it. Actions like passing and shooting are single button functions. Both of the PlayStation and Xbox use the main joy stick on the controllers to move the players around. It is simple to play defense as well, just position one of the basketball players in front of one from the opposing team will result in the sim automatically doing the rest.
The player’s DNA update of the past games’ system has improved significantly as well. This year’s edition updated the DNA of individual player’s attributes and tendencies instantly. This game also will allow its users to play games as they happen almost as fast in real life. With the teams’ line ups and game rosters instantly updating in this game, the Dynasty Mode is much more advanced and realistic.
This version’s soundtrack was revamped and updated to more current artists and bands. This year, there are a lot more songs, which drastically cuts down on the redundancy of music during the training mode and games. The tracks were even programmed to react to the tempo of the games to get the user more involved.